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4 Reasons to Bring Your Plants Indoors

There’s nothing like stepping into a fresh and welcoming space. Indoor plants, with their bright colors and natural beauty, immediately make any room feel alive and inviting. From artfully arranged succulents, to leafy accent trees, to hanging ferns—living houseplants offer a surprising hint of nature that enhances the beauty of your home by creating colorful, refreshing and inviting spaces. Here are some tips to help you incorporate them as a creative layer in your interior design!

  1. Add a Touch Color. 

    The simple touch of bringing a potted plant into an understated room can transform it into a colorful and engaging space. Leafy plants in tall accent containers are a wonderful way to add color to otherwise neutral living or dining rooms, while ferns in hanging baskets or succulents in small pots may be ideal for kitchens, bedrooms and offices.

If you have a lot of open space, try arranging multiple pieces of varying sizes, shapes and textures together to create a unique aesthetic. Then fill your pots with easy-to-care for succulents, classic ferns, or exotic plants like the Dieffenbachia or elephant ear tree.


  1. Naturally Freshen the Air. 

    According to a 1989 NASA study, some species of common houseplants may have natural air-filtering systems that remove chemicals from the air. While this evidence is still inconclusive, there's no question that most homes could do with a little extra freshening up! To make the most out of your indoor plants, choose a Boston fern, golden pothos, palm tree, English ivy, Janet Craig, rubber tree or peace lily—the plants that ranked highest in air purification qualities.



  1. Relax and Refresh Your Mood

Filling your living spaces with healthy plants not only potentially purifies the air, but can also reduce stress, improve your mood, and create a welcoming atmosphere. Studies show that just being in the presence of lush plants calms anxiety, regulates blood pressure.

and releases endorphins that make you feel comfortable, soothed and happy. place a green plant or two in every room of your home to make you, your family and your guests feel more relaxed and refreshed


  1. Enhance the Beauty of Your Home

 A leafy plant in a lovely accent pot wonderfully brightens neutral spaces and makes rooms feel fresh, clean and alive. Plants are an attractive way to fill vacant corners or empty surfaces that might otherwise just attract clutter,and are a versatile design element that can be suited to almost any interior style. Carefully chosen and artfully displayed plants are a creative way to enhance your home’s beauty and make it feel more relaxed, inviting, and connected with nature!




Whether you want to enjoy the health benefits of inside plants, are looking to create a more refreshing and welcoming atmosphere, or just think it’s time to brighten up your space with a bit of color and natural beauty, it may be time to invest in some potted houseplants. With their many qualities and versatile uses, they may just become the most well-loved interior design features in your home!


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