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5 Trends For A Refreshing Living Room

Summer is near, as well as the need for a brand new home decor. But where to start? Why not begin with the living room interior design. It’s the ideal area to host the new season, and, more importantly, your cherished ones. 

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1. Besides, making you feel outdoorsy, it has a grounding and connecting factor when combining pieces that differ in texture and in color.


2. Hosting a dinner party for your family or friends over the summer is challenging. A wooden design furniture piece can make all the difference due to its calming and energetic feeling. Enjoy the power that Merit table has.


3. Another example of a good contrast between wood design pieces and color: the Urbanica Sofa with the Titan Table and the light  Rector Chair.

4. Bright colored elements are always a good way to go and express summer all over one room. Love bird sofa is perfect for that job.


5. Would you like a bold but still subtle piece? Maybe a black wood and white chairs can make it – Merit black table – in the middle of a bright colored wall. It will grab the attention of everyone.



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