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Outdoor Living Trends For Your Home

Outdoor living now means a lot more than a few lounge chairs scattered on a brick patio or some rocking chairs lined up across your front porch,Smart homeowners realize that a porch addition is a lower cost way to extend the square footage of your home. And, it’s also a lot more fun to be outside. Here are design ideas that are great outdoor living trends for your home.

Living Room-Worthy Outdoor Furniture

The first step to creating a comfortable outdoor living space is furnishing it with comfortable and attractive furniture. It’s really hard to enjoy yourself when you’re afraid that the weather-beaten wicker chair beneath you may crumble at any minute,. Luckily, there are tons of options out there. Because of advances in furniture and fabric technology, it’s possible to have fully upholstered furniture outside.

Colorful Fabrics

The renewed focus on high quality outdoor furniture has also boosted the selections and combinations of outdoor fabrics that homeowners and designers are using. Just like an indoor sofa, you’ll want to layer on two pairs of matching patterned pillows in complementary prints.

Smooth and Fashionable Flooring

Whether located on a porch or outside on a patio, there are few features as dreamy as an outdoor fireplace. “They are natural gathering spots that pull in people and they extend the amount of time that you can be outside,” says Gowen. “Hang art or a TV above them just like you would inside.” While a fireplace may be too permanent for many, there are also handsome fire pits that serve the same purpose.

Outdoor living rooms are an area of your home that can truly be tailored to individual tastes. Some are simple and cozy while others are extravagant undertakings that feature plenty of high-end amenities. In fact, there are so many choices available that it can be difficult to determine where to start. Use this guide as a resource to help you take the first step in your design and we know that the finished product will quickly become your new favorite spot.

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