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Mirrors are the perfect decorating piece for any home. Not just for that last minute outfit, hair or make-up check before you leave, mirrors play a vital role in reflecting a homes true potential. Some designers even feel you can never have too many mirrors, and that’s great because this is one item you can put in every room!


Play with Lighting

Mirrors are great for small, dark spaces in your home. The natural light reflects off the mirror to brighten the room. Rooms like entry ways and hallways greatly benefit from mirrors because they tend to have little to no windows to lighten the space.


Open the Room

It’s no secret mirrors give the illusion that a room is bigger than it is. Dining rooms are excellent spaces for this purpose. This rooms tends to get crowded easily, especially during dinner parties. Adding a large mirror to a wall in a dining room helps guests feel more comfortable.


Mirrored Spaces

You can find a mirrored look that matches any design style. Look for different types of finishing, an antiqued mirror would work well for a rustic or bohemian style, while a clean mirror finish is great for traditional, modern or contemporary.


Think Outside of the Box

Have fun with mirrors! Use abstract, antique or bold types of mirrors. Make them the focal point of a room much you would with a painting. Pay around with different mirrors, how you hang them and where you hang them. Try hanging a mirror in an outdoor space like to your porch. This will help make this area feel more like a part of the home, and allow your style to shine inside and out! 

Most importantly DO have fun when decorating with mirrors. If you have any questions on decorating with mirrors, or decorating in general.

Mix and match

Put old styles with new modern mirrors for a contrast that will have your guests in awe. Mix and match different textured frames. Pair wood frames with metallic frames to balance each other out. This mirror idea is perfect for a bohemian style home.

Reference by: nwrugs March 10, 2018.

Here are some great mirrors to use in your home decorating.



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