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Potting Bench Ideas

You don't need a green thumb to keep houseplants alive. And, while there are nice to have, you don't need lightmoisture, and ph meters to maintain a home full of green. What you do need is to accept that houseplants are like pets and small children. They need regular care and attention, and there's no way to get around it if you want your plants to live for more than a few weeks.

You can say the same about potting benches. You can use the floor, your kitchen counters, or even your dining room table. You don't need a potting table, but if you're serious about keeping plants alive, a good table will make your gardening life infinitely easier and more enjoyable.

Why You Should Consider A Potting Bench


You should repot fast growing plants like the golden pothos (Scindapsus aures) every year. The fiddle leaf fig—aka the blogger tree—is another fast growing plant you should repot yearly until it reaches a size you're happy with or the next pot size up is too big for your space, whichever comes first. Slower growing plants can go two to three years without a new pot, but the point is that repotting is unavoidable. Most of that repotting should happen during the slow growing season, usually winter and early spring, but year-round care isn't unheard of, especially if you live in a warmer climate.


What To Consider When Shopping For Potting Benches


When shopping for potting benches, consider the type of gardener you are and keep that in mind when you decide on height, material, and surface.


The Proper Height.

The most common height for potting benches is 36 inches, the same as kitchen counters. However. potting benches do come in various heights. The goal is to avoid stooping and strain on your back, particularly since you'll be working with heavy pots and containers of soil.


The ideal Material for a potting bench or box.

Potting benches are typically outdoor pieces of furniture. They get wet and dirty. They see the heat of summer and the cold of winter. This seems obvious, but if you are someone who doesn't like the look of weathered wood—teak turns a pretty silvery grey—you're better off with a powder coated metal or galvanized steel potting bench. Both of these materials conveniently allow you to hose them clean and air dry in the sun. A word of caution: powder coated material will need a coat of poly every year or so to prevent rust. 

 Reference:by Lucy @ Patina Paradise april, 2018


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