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The Art of Wall Art: Modern Wall Decor Ideas

How to pick wall decor

First of all, take a look at the wall you’re going to fill to decide what size art you should pick. There are many ways to determine this and you’ll see different ideas on how you can select the proper wall decor for your space.

A good rule of thumb is to choose wall art that takes up the width of the wall, minus 6-12 inches on each side, so it looks like it’s centered, like the image above.


 What if you are hanging wall art over a table? 

Choose a piece of art (or a series) that is the same length as the furniture piece or smaller. Avoid wall decor that is wider than the furniture piece; it looks totally weird.



How to hang wall art

Next, decide how high to hang your wall art. Wall art height is the concept that goes wrong the most. The general rule of thumb is to hang wall art at your sight line, so you don’t have to look up too high or too low at it. That means the center of your wall art area is about 60 inches from the ground.


What if you’re hanging living room wall art over furniture

What if you’re hanging living room wall art over furniture like a sofa or sofa table? Hang the artwork so the bottom edge is 6-8 inches from where the table or sofa back ends.

Once you have an idea of a general spot, frame out the area with painter’s tape to visualize the spot.  Stand back a few feet and see if you like where it sits on the wall.

Get artsy with this.There are many ways you can hang wall art and, depending on the weight of the art, you may be able to avoid putting holes in the walls by using adhesive removable mounting tabs.

 By Cynthia Bowman 

Wall decor comes in all shapes and sizes, check out these great examples of wall decor that you can add to your collection!!

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