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Tips for the Right Dining Table for Your Home

You want to have the best dining table set for having all of your meals, especially if you have a large family or love to have 
parties. You should ensure that you are choosing the right dining table set and should take into consideration some important facts when you are starting your search. Make sure to follow these tips to find the ideal set for your home.


Bring the classic grace of Provençal style to your dining room by pairing an ornamental table with simple chairs. An elegant metalwork table is a must for the vintage French style. By surrounding it with upholstered chairs that offer clean lines and open silhouettes, you can maintain the elegance of the table while keeping the space bright and welcoming.



Use a combination of open-framed metal bases and dark wood tones to bring a sense of modern sophistication to your dining room or kitchen! Try replacing a few of your chairs with an antique bench to increase seating and create a clean, casual and industrial feel.



Your dining room is a place to connect and relax. So make sure it’s comfortable! Start with a sleek table as your anchor, then surround it with modern upholstered chairs and a plush dining sofa. Use a simple wood bench on one side to make the layout feel open and accessible. Finally, choose pieces with mixed iron, wood and fabric textiles for a contemporary elegance that will make your dining space as aesthetic as it is comfortable!


Stage a modern-industrial dining room by pairing lustrous dark walnut surfaces, cast iron saw-horse style bases, and classic cushioned chairs. Choose pieces that have similar colored bases to tie the entire space together, then contrast bright upholstery with dark wood to create a dynamic dining room set that is well balanced and visually striking.

Use wood furnishings with a live edge, like this acacia slab table and bench set, to bring the beauty of nature into your home. By selecting pieces that incorporate a rich lustrous finish, rustic live edges, and minimalistic iron craftsmanship, you can fuse natural and industrial elements to create a visually stunning dining room layout.

Place a large round table surrounded by richly-toned wooden chairs in the center of your dining room to create a classic and welcoming aesthetic. Look for hand-crafted sustainable pieces, like this solid Mango Wood Set. Durable and beautiful, they’ll fill your home  bring a sense of security and depth to your decor.

Anchor a formal dining room with a classically designed coordinating table and chair set. Always pay attention to the story behind the craftsmanship of your furniture. Choosing hand-planed, solid wood pieces not only infuses your dining space with dignity and time-honored charm, but also makes a great conversation starter!



To create a cohesive yet colorful dining room, start with a table and cabinet set with the same wood finish. Choose neutral upholstered chairs,   like these tufted gray ones, then pick a rug that has your accent colors and the same neutral tone as your chairs. Finally, use wall paint and decor to highlight the accent colors for a beautifully vibrant space!

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