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About us


 At Six Senses LLC©, we strive to provide peace of mind, to promote better living and to embrace the pathway to success by presenting our customers with a wide range of innovative and quality products in multiple areas, including home décor and furnishings, cosmetics, natural foods, entertainment and recreation, health and sports and more. Our goal is to help every human being live better and more comfortable lives through access to the smartest, coolest  and trendiest products available today.




ZEN is being aware of your oneness with the world and everything in it

ZEN is experiencing fully the present, and delighting in the basic miracle life itself

ZEN Better Living© was inspired by a common human problem. Founders Rick and Lina were in the middle of remodeling their new home in sunny Miami. They were having trouble finding affordable furniture that was not only functional but also artful in a way that expressed their unique eclectic style. The typical “furniture in a box” retailer did not appeal because of the limited décor options and mass market feel. Rick and Lina wanted outside of the box options. They were looking for authentic pieces that fit with their modern sensibilities and their appreciation of the beauty of life. Finally they realized that perhaps they needed to not just search for these options but to create them, not only for their home but for others like them. And ZEN Better Living© was born.



We source our products from manufacturers all over the globe. We are meticulous in our supply chain so that you can rely on ZEN to always ensure that you are getting the best quality products, at the best possible prices. Through an innovative and curated selection of furniture and home accessories, an engaging and stress-free shopping experience and personalized customer service, your home and your life will be enriched with ZEN. 



Rick and Lina believe that by giving to a cause, we can enhance our spiritual and emotional wellbeing. Also, they are also devoted pet parents to Rosita, an English Bulldog. So, ZEN donates 10% of all profits to charities dedicated to helping abandoned animals and impoverished, hungry and abused children in need like Compassion International. By enriching your life and your home, you are also enriching you’re the world around you. It’s another reason to feel good about your purchase. Join the ZEN Better Living© movement and be one with your world. 




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