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Cleaning with direct water is not recommended for wooden parts or products, unless your item belongs to the ZEN outdoor categories. Avoid excess heat and light. Use a slightly damped cloth and gently rub the desired wood surface to clean up. Occasionally, gently clean the wood surfaces with a soapy water moistened cloth, and intermediately rub with a fresh clean cloth.



Plastic may last for years, if maintained correctly. Wash plastic items with a cloth soaked in soap or detergent and water. Rinse and dry with a clean cloth. Do not overexpose plastic items to extreme sun conditions, specially colored items, unless the products are meant for outdoors.



Regularly dist with a clean dry cloth. Make sure not to use Solvents or abrasives, unless they are meant for stainless steel, aluminum or other applications. Iron or steel parts may rust with excessive exposure to saline (salt water) environments. If you live in a saltwater location, try to cover your furniture for enhanced product life.



You can use specific cleaners designed for leather care. Also, you can clean leather surfaces with a mix of soft soap and water and then drying the surface with a clean cloth. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean seams. Leather and sunlight are not good friends, so keep your leather articles well away from the sun.



Its very important to protect upholstery and fabric from direct sunlight, to prevent color fading. Use a soft vacuum once in a while, to  remove dirt, stains and hair. You can also use a compressed air can. Try a gentle and clear dishwasher soap for deeper stains, along with a soft uncolored cloth


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